Thursday, March 19, 2015


Welcome to Our Many Games!

We make it easy and fun to run games at your favorite convention. Find support material for dozens of games that will satisfy your players urge for adventure, romance, edge-of-your-seat action, wacky humor and heart-rending drama.

Our mission is to help showcase tabletop and live role playing games created by people of color, women of all ethnicities, people with disabilities, trans folk, queer creators and other people from traditionally under-represented groups.

This is a work in progress. The games listed now are the first few. We want to add many more. Help us if you can!

Submit your game to the #DiversifyTabletop list for larps and tabletop rpgs by diverse creators.

Browse the Quick-Start Rules and Cheat Sheets for  tabletop and live action scenarios and rules summaries that will help you get going in a snap, and prompt you with the rules you'll need.

Find conventions and game days where you can run or play these games. 

Have a blast, and be excellent to one another!