Our Many Games is an initiative to get games played.

Browse this site to find quick-start rules, cheat sheets and links for games by people of color, women of all ethnicities, queer folk, nonbinary or trans designers and people with disabilities. Help these games see more play at game conventions!

Submit your larp or tabletop role playing game to the #DiversifyTabletop list.

Find support materials for games, scenarios, supplements and mods at the Quick-Start Kits page.

Want to make some? Go to the Get Involved page and contact us.

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Our Many Goals

0) Promote the work of these creators (Primary Objective)

1) Launch Site (March 20, 2015)

2) Create a Family Friendly OMG list (March 29, 2015)

3) List 50 tabletop and live action games (April 4, 2015)

4) Have game materials available at Conventions (June 2015)

5) Have games run at Conventions

6) List 100 games

7) Complete entries on games (descriptions, illustrations, bio of creators)

8) Searchable site

9) List 200 games

10) Have game materials regularly available at Conventions (with Games on Demand, Indie Games Explosion, etc.)

11) Have games run regularly at Conventions

12) Ongoing maintenance and submissions to the site