Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't a game I love on here? How can it be added?

The tabletop games on the site are ones with quick-prep scenarios that are available online. Some are for sale, most are for free. We have a bigger "Wish List" of games (scroll down to the bottom of this page) that we want to get on the OMG site eventually.

To help get your suggestion on the site please:

I'm browsing the games but am not familiar with them. Can you list descriptions?

That is one of our long-term goals for the site. If you'd like to help us make the site more aesthetic or user friendly, come on board!

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Can I run the games with just the Quick-Start Kits?

Some quick-start kits have a full summary of the game rules.

For most games you'll need to have read the game, or know how to play already.

Check out the kit of the game you're interested in, and see if it has everything you need. If you can, it's a good idea to have a copy of the book on hand when you play.

Some of the Quick-Start Kits are the game themselves. Why?

Games that are very brief, simple or that include pre-generated example characters & adventures stand in as their own Quick-Start Kits.

Read through the game and see exactly what you'll need to print out to run it.

What's up with larps? Why don't they have "Quick-Prep" materials, too?

We'd love to offer quick-prep materials for these games, and will offer cheat sheets, character sheets & whatever support materials we can. However, there aren't a large number of quick prep scenarios for live action games -- but we offer here mainly larps and freeform larps which are low-prep and easy to offer at a moment's notice.

What games need Quick-Prep Kits made, or links found? 

Current Wish List:

Another Fine Mess
Awesome Adventures
Blade & Crown
Chaos U
Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks 
Cyberpunk 2013
Dead Scare
Dog Eat Dog
Escape from Tentacle City
Faery's Tale
Five Fires
Grunting: the Race for Fire
Larps from the Factory
Mist-Robed Gate
Monsterhearts Larp
M vs. M
New Gods of Mankind
Our Last Best Hope
Princess Drive
Rise and Fall
SexyTime Aventures
Shooting the Moon
Slasher Fick
Souls of Steel
Steal Away Jordan
Tales  of the Fisherman's Wife
The Dance and the Dawn
The Dying Earth: Fields of Silver adventure
The Play's the Thing
The Secret Lives  of Gingerbread Men
The Tavern
The Way of the Witch
They Became Flesh
Tragedy in Five Acts
Weapons of the Gods
When the Dark is Gone

What is missing? Let us know!